Tutoring Services

Reading Intervention (tutoring lessons) and Reading Assessment are available for your child. 

**All lessons are planned solely for your child.   The planning is time consuming as it must be tailored exactly to your child’s needs and prior knowledge. Tutoring is available for both decoding and comprehension needs, with decoding taking precedence. In general, Orton Gillingham will be the approach to teaching reading.  Depending on your child’s needs, aspects of Lindamood Bell LiPS and Wilson Fundations might be employed as well.   Your child will be tutored by me and only me, no substitutes.


  • Orton Gillingham is a structured, multisensory, cumulative, and sequential approach to reading. Multisensory means that students utilize their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses in order to learn reading. Constant feedback of a very positive nature is another component of this approach. Lessons always begin with a review of previously taught skills before teaching a new skill. 
  • Fundations is a part of Wilson ReadingSome students might be learning to read with the Fundations program in their schools. I have experience teaching this program within a school district and will use aspects of this in order to remain consistent with your child’s learning in school. Fundations is generally used for kindergarten through third graders.
  • Lindamood Bell LiPS is an approach to learning to read that also teaches phonological awareness.  It has an extra oral-motor component when learning to identify sounds.


Tutoring services: for a  50 minute lesson /  2 lessons in the same Mon to Fri period will be discounted

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