Some information regarding reading learning needs and remediation can be found at these sources:

  • For a sample lesson of Orton Gillingham that is similar to my approach, view this video. This video shows only a review lesson. Typically, a new concept is introduced in each lesson. I would stress, however, that every child’s lesson is different. It is obvious to me that the student in this video has had other Orton training prior to this session.
  • The Fry list for sight words can be found here. Click on the PDF link for each grade level and you will see the words in column format. This is how your child will view the words during assessments. This site also has flashcards that you can print.
  • The Dolch list of sight words can be found here at this site. Click on the PDF link or the grade level in order to see the words in column format This is how the words will be presented to your child during assessments. You will also find flashcards here to aid practice.   

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