Don’t Miss This Event!

It’s that time of year when you will be invited to your child’s school. Don’t miss it! Here’s what to look for!

SEATING: Sit at your child’s desk. Check the view to the teacher and smart board as well as the students seated directly next to your child. If your child has an IEP, check to see that she has the seating mandated by the document. There isn’t one seat only that is considered preferential seating. It depends on your child. Are there vision needs? Is your child highly distractable? Consider the issues as you sit at the desk/table.

THE DESK: Look inside your child’s desk. Is it well organized and neat? Does your child need more guidance as to how to stay organized? Think of what might help (e.g.if it’s hard to find the pencils, a pencil case might help or if papers are everywhere, your child might require labeled folders)

LEAVE A NOTE: Your child will be so pleased to know that you visited her classroom. Consider leaving your child a sweet note to read the next day. It’s always a warm surprise for the child to discover!

REWARD SYSTEMS: look around the room and see if there is a reward system visible. Many classrooms use online systems such as Class Dojo. If you have not yet joined the classroom, please do so as soon as possible, getting the code from the teacher. You can track your child’s progress and communicate with the teacher through this site.

CURRICULUM: What will your child be learning this year? How will he or she be tracked/assessed? When and what are the assessments?

REPORT CARDS/Progress Reports: how often will your child receive a report card? Are there also interim progress reports that are sent? You can usually check the school calendar for these dates. If you are unsure, please do check and ask the teacher.

TEACHER CONTACT: You will want to find out the best way to contact the teacher. If email is best, make sure that you have written down the email address. Make certain that the teacher has the correct contact information for you as well as best times to contact you by phone. Remember, teachers are with students almost all day and have limited time to make calls or email, so they may not be able to adhere to your schedule. Be as flexible as you possibly can be.

IF THERE IS A PROBLEM: If you feel there is a problem, please remember that this is not the best night to discuss issues. The teacher is responsible to deliver a lot of information in a short period of time on Back to School Night. She can not give your concern the attention or the privacy that it deserves.

INTRODUCE yourself, tell the teacher that you are happy to meet him or her, and maybe mention that you will follow up with a note. Be positive! The teacher wants to do the best job possible for your child. You are partners in learning.

Best wishes that your child has a GREAT school year. Please let me know if I can help. See my contact page!

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