How to help your child make the most of summer

As we hit August, we are bombarded with Back to School commercials and ads! There is still a month of summer left to enjoy and you can help your child make the most of this time.

READ! I repeat this often, but reading with and to your child is one of the best ways to help your child progress. If your child is feeling unmotivated to read alone, share the reading. You read a page or paragraph, your child reads a page or paragraph. Add feeling to the words and model how to read when a word is in bold or there are different types of punctuation on the page.

SET A GOAL ! Have reward set up for different steps of reading. If your child is young and the books are much shorter, you may reward for every 3 to 5 books. If your child is older and reading longer books, you may choose to reward for every 1 to 2 books. Rewards can be making a special breakfast together, going to a park, buying a special book, baking cookies, going for ice cream, playing a game one on one with a parent. Know what motivates your child to read more and to feel proud.

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