Avoiding the “summer slide” into reading loss

Summer will be here soon. Sun, beach, pool, and family vacations are a welcome change.  BUT, have you thought about how to help your child maintain the gains made at school? Does your child need to gain reading levels in order to be at grade level when the school year begins?

As teachers, we know that many of our students will return to school in September at lower levels than they left in June.  For some students, this will be a quick turn around.  They will regain their levels and proceed on with their year.  Students that are already struggling to reach grade level, will begin the school year in an even more precarious position. 

According to an article by Valerie Strauss, ” Research consistently shows that struggling readers lose ground over the summer. Of even greater concern is the fact that these losses are cumulative, creating a wider gap each year between more proficient and less proficient students. “

Consider that for approximately an hour a day, these students can actually make gains over the summer!

Have your child take advantage of summer vacation by advancing his/her reading level! See the contact page on this site. Let’s get a jump on summer!

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